Go Viking! Norway Tour

Twenty-eight Augustana alumni and friends embarked on an adventure to Norway in June 2011. Traveling companions included couples, a father and daughter, a grandfather and granddaughter, classmates, former roommates and sisters. It was a diverse, inter-generational group!

One of the highlights of the week was the opportunity to gather with Norwegian Augustana alumni in Oslo. Six alumni joined us for our opening dinner to visit about their life and Norwegian culture. Other chance meetings occurred along the way when we met Allison Shankland and Shannon Brantley McCutcheon, both Augustana class of 2003, while on our Norway in a Nutshell tour. A tour member struck up a conversation with a Norwegian while we were at the Viking Festival in Karmoy, and learned that he had recently been in Sioux Falls, SD for the graduation of his daughter Anne Marit Badsvik from Augustana College!

Tour stops included Oslo, Lillehammer, Bergen, Haugesund and Stavanger.

See what the group experienced throughout their trip to "Go Viking!"