Class Agent Letters


Class agent letters are written each winter by your classmates who volunteer for this position. Class agents receive updates from alumni in many ways. Sometimes this correspondence comes from your classmates' personal communication with your class agent. Other times the Augustana Alumni Office receives updates about careers, education, marriages or births and passes this information on to the class agent. Alumni are also able to write their own class note by posting it on AugieLink.

How to Get Into Your Class Letter

The best way for alumni to update the College and your classmates about happenings in your life is by registering on our alumni online community AugieLink. Once you are logged in to the site, you can post your own class note and include pictures and a personal note. To learn how to log in for the first time to AugieLink, visit our FAQ page or contact the Augustana Alumni Office at, or 605.274.4404. Already registered? Go to Class Notes to submit a class note or search class notes for the latest updates from your classmates.

Letters by Year

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