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Augustana students on the steps of the Vienna Opera House in 2016.


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Music and Theatre in Eastern Europe: January 2018

Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia

Would you like to travel with Augustana arts students and professors during the 2018 January term? Can you imagine hearing the Vienna Philharmonic in Vienna? Seeing an opera in Budapest? Ballet in Prague? The Performing and Visual Arts office has teamed up with Professors Jayna Fitzsimmons (theatre) and Jungho Kim (music) on a 26-day tour of Eastern Europe — Jan. 4-29, 2018 — that will take you to five main cities: Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Zagreb. We will take in 16-20 productions/concerts; visit incredible galleries, museums and historical points of interest; and learn all about the Habsburg dynasty and their influence on the art and music we treasure today. There will be a few spots for alumni and friends. If you’d like more information, send us a note, and we'll share costs and travel itineraries. 

Past Alumni Travel

Augustana alumni have had the opportunity to travel to many interesting locations in the past few years. Recent trips have taken us to Greece (2013), Norway (2011), England/Scotland (2009) and Italy (2008). Alumni have also accompanied our music ensembles on international travel experiences. Alumni traveled with The Augustana Choir to Europe (2013 and 2017) and with the Augustana Band on their 2011 trip to Egypt and their 2007 and 2015 trips to China.

Here's what alumni who traveled to Greece had to say about their experience:

"What a trip!! It was so well organized. The group was supportive. Rocki and David were outstanding! The tour company had selected nice hotels, and transportation was comfortable and met every schedule. Thank you for all you have done to assist us in this marvelous trip! p.s. The food and wine - second to none!"
- Joyce Nelson '56

"The 2013 Augustana Alumni and Friends tour of Greece was a trip of a lifetime for my wife and me. The trip had everything you could ask for: fabulous scenery, wonderful people, fantastic food, great shopping, comfortable travel accommodations, and opportunities to explore history and cultural changes that affected how we in America and we Christians came to be what we are today. All within a relaxing environment where major decisions such as hotels, travel from one locale to another, etc. were taken care of for us. The tour guides and the Augustana professors were very knowledgeable and conveyed the information in ways that helped create lasting memories. Best of all: we had great fun!"
- Ward Herst, Augustana parent

If you would like to be added to our list of alumni interested in travel, please contact us in the Alumni Office. We are always seeking ideas for destinations as well. If you have ideas, send them our way.