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Showcase your Augie pride by displaying your Augustana diploma in your home or office, share your campus experiences with prospective students, attend an upcoming event, or sign up to be an alumni volunteer. How much time do you have?

< 10 Minutes

< 2 Hours

  • Visit the campus — it is even more beautiful than you remember! Bring a picnic lunch and sit out on the green. Don’t forget your Frisbee.
  • Help students through your participation in our Student Success Center. You can post job openings and internships, invite students to job shadow, serve as a mentor, or volunteer to serve as a speaker or presenter with a workshop or symposium.
  • Invite some friends or bring your family to campus to watch a game, attend a concert, play or lecture or enjoy one of the many other activities on campus. Augie offers a multitude of fun and inexpensive entertainment options.
  • Worship with us. Chapel services are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 a.m. as well as the campus congregation’s Sunday worship service at 11 a.m. during the academic year. People of all faiths are welcome.
  • Volunteer to be a Class Agent.
  • When you meet a current or future Augustana student, ask them about their story and share your favorite Augie memories with them.
  • Meet a friend for coffee at the Huddle. Eat lunch or dinner in the Commons. The atmosphere is lively and the food is even better than you remember. 
  • See and be seen at an alumni event in your area. 
  • Search old yearbooks online through the Augustana Album.
  • If you are not in Sioux Falls, keep your ears open for Augustana athletic events or performances in your area.
  • Visit our beautiful, renovated Mikkelsen Library.
  • Reconnect with one of your former professors.

< 1 Weekend

  • Celebrate Christmas at Augustana — attend Vespers and the bands' Christmas concert. Drive by the campus at night and see the Augustana Christmas tree in all its glory.
  • Host the Augustana Band or Choir on tour at your church or other performance venue.
  • Encourage your church youth director to bring your confirmation youth to Faith Fest, held on campus in February of each year.
  • Invite an Augustana Outreach Ministries team to your church to conduct worship or to lead a youth gathering.
  • Find out more about the matching grant program called Parish and College Together (PACT). Augustana may match financial support (up to $500/academic year) to students from your congregation who attend the College. Then organize a scholarship fund drive for Augustana students who are members of your church.
  • Come back for Viking Days!
  • Attend your class reunion and encourage other classmates to attend. Help plan your next class reunion by joining the planning committee.

Questions about ways you can get involved? Contact the Augustana Alumni Association at or call 605.274.4904 or 800.727.2844.