Registration is now closed for Viking Days 2014.

Tickets for the 50th Class Reunion Banquet and the Honor Guard Lunch are no longer available.

If you would still like to attend Friday night's Blast party, tickets will be available at the door. We hope to see you there!

Viking Days 2014 Attendee List

Viking Days 2014 is packed with several events! Please choose an activity from the drop down list below to see who is attending or choose "Event and All Activities" to see everyone attending. Click on any category title to sort by that item or use the search box below to find a specific name or year.

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 104300JillWeberAanenson Aanenson (Weber), JillAanenson (Weber), JillBlast     
 27084KraigAbraham Abraham, KraigAbraham, KraigBlast   1979 
 130438BeritChristophersonAchenbach Achenbach (Christopherson), BeritAchenbach (Christopherson), BeritBlast   1994 
 11155LoisGraffAhrendt Ahrendt (Graff), LoisAhrendt (Graff), LoisBlast   1954 
  SonjaDethlefsAnderson Anderson (Dethlefs), SonjaAnderson (Dethlefs), SonjaBlastCharlieAnderson 1969 
 5575BernitaStolsmarkAnderson Anderson (Stolsmark), BernitaAnderson (Stolsmark), BernitaBlastJeromeAnderson 1969 
 38616MarkAnderson Anderson, MarkAnderson, MarkBlastJeanetteAnderson1983Duerksen1984 
 19998JulieBeddowAshworth Ashworth (Beddow), JulieAshworth (Beddow), JulieBlast   1975 
 36040KathleenMeisterBaird Baird (Meister), KathleenBaird (Meister), KathleenBlast  1984 1984 
 325350KatieBauman Bauman, KatieBauman, KatieBlast   2004 
 20767BryceBell Bell, BryceBell, BryceBlastJaneBell1989Olson1989 
 53358AmySchlotfeltBenda Benda (Schlotfelt), AmyBenda (Schlotfelt), AmyBlast   1989 
 438CharlesBerdahl Berdahl, CharlesBerdahl, CharlesBlast   1959 
 316582AllisonBergBerg-Heinemann Berg-Heinemann (Berg), AllisonBerg-Heinemann (Berg), AllisonBlastMarkHeinemann2004 2004 
 20064DanielBerkland Berkland, DanielBerkland, DanielBlastKristiBerkland1980Limburg1979 
 173237AaronBeukelman Beukelman, AaronBeukelman, AaronBlast   1997 
 20278JamesBradley Bradley, JamesBradley, JamesBlastNancyNeill 1979 
 27231MarkBratt Bratt, MarkBratt, MarkBlast   1979 
 26563SheilaLaGroneBrown Brown (LaGrone), SheilaBrown (LaGrone), SheilaBlast   1974 
 136275coreycamp camp, coreycamp, coreyBlast    dev
 6237LouiseWingeChalupa Chalupa (Winge), LouiseChalupa (Winge), LouiseBlast   1969 
 928BrentChozen Chozen, BrentChozen, BrentBlastTerryChozen 1974 
 48399MichelleWolthoffConnor Connor (Wolthoff), MichelleConnor (Wolthoff), MichelleBlast   1987 
 662557Carolyn Cordie Cordie, Carolyn Cordie, Carolyn BlastDanCordie 1949 
  NancyDavidson Davidson, NancyDavidson, NancyBlast    Admission
 28919DanielDrenkow Drenkow, DanielDrenkow, DanielBlast   1984 
 319071KaylaBickettEitreim Eitreim (Bickett), KaylaEitreim (Bickett), KaylaBlastAndrewEitreim 2005 
 348128ElizabethEkeland Ekeland, ElizabethEkeland, ElizabethBlast   2009 
 28550SusanSegerEngh Engh (Seger), SusanEngh (Seger), SusanBlastMikeEngh1979 1980 
 11148RaymondEngh Engh, RaymondEngh, RaymondBlastJoyceEngh1955Sunde1954 
 9693BeverlyQualmErickson Erickson (Qualm), BeverlyErickson (Qualm), BeverlyBlast   1959 
 11149CharlesErickson Erickson, CharlesErickson, CharlesBlastRitaErickson 1954 
 10907GeneErickson Erickson, GeneErickson, GeneBlast   1955 
 1474PaulEverson Everson, PaulEverson, PaulBlast   1974 
 8715JoloyceLarsonFalgren Falgren (Larson), JoloyceFalgren (Larson), JoloyceBlast     
 26083PederFedde Fedde, PederFedde, PederBlast   1984 
 38411Becky HatchFiala Fiala (Hatch), Becky Fiala (Hatch), Becky Blast   1983Education
 35220JeffFisher Fisher, JeffFisher, JeffBlastKerryFisher 1981 
 542417MikeFlynn Flynn, MikeFlynn, MikeBlast   n/aDevelopment
 1321JoAnnEidemGemar Gemar (Eidem), JoAnnGemar (Eidem), JoAnnBlastGreg Gemar 1973 
 127980PaulaHaiwick Haiwick, PaulaHaiwick, PaulaBlast   1994 
 8602JudithKrauseHalamka Halamka (Krause), JudithHalamka (Krause), JudithBlast   1959 
 189999NicoleEriksonHansen Hansen (Erikson), NicoleHansen (Erikson), NicoleBlastCoryHansen1993 1999 
 326747MarenHanson Hanson, MarenHanson, MarenBlast   2014 
 21934MiltonHanson Hanson, MiltonHanson, MiltonBlastMarjorieHanson1961Niedringhaus1960 
  SusanHasseler Hasseler, SusanHasseler, SusanBlastKenHasseler  Senior VP Academic Affairs
 316157NathanHecht Hecht, NathanHecht, NathanBlast   2004 
 2256LindaHemmingerHemminger Hemminger, LindaHemminger, LindaBlastMartyFisher1974 1974 
 26536DeborahHendricks Hendricks, DeborahHendricks, DeborahBlast   1974 
 116434JenniferMilbrathHenson Henson (Milbrath), JenniferHenson (Milbrath), JenniferBlast   1994Admissions