The 'Must Do' List: By Alumni, For Seniors

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Graduation Then and Now 

02.18.14 — Augustana seniors already are counting down the days to commencement — this month marks 100 days until they walk across the stage at the Elmen Center. Before long, they’ll join the ranks of the 20,000-plus members of the Augustana Alumni Association.

In honor of this milestone, we asked alumni what graduating seniors should do with these precious last days on campus.

Lacey Horkey Dixon '06
Lacey (Horkey) Dixon '06 holds the hair she cut
and donated to Locks of Love
in college.

Lacey (Horkey) Dixon '06 recommended the excitement of making big changes.

"One ‘scary’ thing I did at Augustana was chop my hair off for the first time — but I gave it to Locks of Love, so it felt pretty great,” she said.

Val Anderson '08 said seniors should pick up a T-shirt at the bookstore to proclaim their new alumni status.

"This was my last stop on campus and something I couldn't wait to do,” she said.

The answers we got were some great memories that we hope will inspire today’s students to make memories of their own. So Augie seniors, before you go:

1.    Take a group picture with your friends on Ole.

2.    Take in an event you’ve never gone to before. Consider a theatre production, music concert or sporting event.

3.    Be sure to let your favorite professors know how much you appreciated them with a note, hug or high-five.

4.    See Falls Park.

5.    Go traying.

6.    Take a photo with your friends on the Augustana sign.

7.    Remember how exciting it is to make little and big changes — because life is full of them.

8.    Share photos.

9.    Go on a road trip with your Augustana friends.

10.    Have a reunion with your freshman floor.

11.    Have a going-away brunch with friends at Phillips Avenue Diner.

12.    Eat soft serve ice cream from the cafeteria for breakfast. Because you can.

13.    Stop by the bookstore to get your Augie Alumni t-shirt.

Contributors: Lacey (Horkey) Dixon '06, Val Anderson '08, Stacie Schubert ‘93, Jenny Lockhart '11, Rachel Gerber '11, Nick Bryant ’08