Love A Donor

Love a Donor

FEBRUARY 5-6, 2014


Amount of money given to Augustana from alumni and friends last year

Number of student scholarships awarded last year


3,619 alumni

2,320 friends, businesses, organizations, foundations and churches

163 donors who gave $1,000 or more to The Augustana Fund

Here at Augustana, tuition covers only about 65 percent of the actual cost of educating each student. Our amazing donors generously cover the rest. Thank you, donors. We love you!

To share the love, the College, in partnership with student Advancement Ambassadors, participated in a Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day event called Love a Donor: a two-day marathon of thank-you-note writing February 5 and 6 on campus. These notes were mailed to donors in time for Valentine’s Day.

See more photos from the event on the Alumni Facebook page.

Who invests in Augustana besides students?

Thousands of people! Alumni, parents, faculty, staff and people with no other connection to Augustana but a shared value in the education we provide (we affectionately call them our “friends”). Even corporations and foundations see supporting Augustana as a valuable investment.

What a great reason to celebrate! 

Love a Donor actively engages the Augustana community in philanthropic education, fosters appreciation for financial support for the College and expresses that appreciation to Augustana donors who are making an investment in the lives of Augustana students.

Join us!

Share the love. Join the conversation with #ACLoveADonor on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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